19 4 / 2013

Willard Fuller

The driving force behind many corporations in the past and present is its image and how it is being portrayed to the corporate business world and buying public. Do you think that large corporations in the U.K. and U.S.A. would be so successful without the building and premises they are in? Maybe, or maybe not! In many cases a good business can take off due to where it is situated and the overall look of the actual building.


Does it inspire you to do business with the people inside the four walls or does it look like you may be knocking on the wrong door? Luton serviced offices can help your present and future clients make the right choice.Starting a business or having an already existing company can be successful due to not just a good financial plan, but where they are located. Having strategically located Luton serviced offices placed near the heart of the U.K. motorway system along with a superb bus and rail link is what you should be looking for. Popping over to Europe to close the deal of a life time can be just around the corner if situated close by one of the busiest airports in the United Kingdom. Being readily available to your clients is a must in today’s tough marketplace.

Having a great location is a must, having flexible facilities is another! 

  • Floor space that can be increased as your company grows with no penalties if you want to downsize or upgrade your office area;
  • Open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day;
  • Use of a meeting room;
  • Top-notch Wi-Fi;
  • Fully inclusive heating, lighting and business rates;
  • Security and kitchen;
  • Parking areas for both your company and clients.

Not only that, having everything inclusive with no hidden charges at a very competitive rate. All of this within Luton serviced offices.


Having office space, no matter how small or large, adds a financial consideration to your business. Not only in leasing the office area or building but also staffing levels. If your business is “on-the-road” then a good idea is to go into the world of the virtual office. Having a prominent professional address where all your company correspondence is delivered to and secured. Being able to bring your clients to a meeting room and lounge to discuss future requirements without having it there full time. You can take it one step further with a hot-desk where Wi-Fi is readily available for your use during business hours. This may be not be as permanent as a brick-styled office, but for many it has the added advantage of flexibility with the touch of professionalism.

These are just two options to think about for your business. With Luton serviced offices at your fingertips it’s a great way to start or push your company to the next level without breaking the bank and looking like the professionals you always envisaged for you and your company.

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